Key loss or the need for an additional key may occur.

If you would like to order a replacement key for your security door quickly, please use our convenient order form.

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0680 / 31 31 311

If you are faced with a locked door or an attempt has been made to break in – we are there for you!

Our reliable team is at your disposal in an emergency, even outside business hours.

Your door protects you 365 days a year.

Problems caused by wear and tear due to a lack of care and maintenance can be avoided.

With a regular door service from Zabransky, we ensure that your door functions optimally. So you can enjoy your door for a long time.


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So that you can open your door a crack wide, a professionally installed shackle lock is required – your protection against unwanted guests!

Retrofitting by our specialist company can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

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It may be necessary to replace the lock cylinder. Be it due to a change of ownership or if the key has fallen into the wrong hands.

Don’t worry – we have lock cylinders for Zabransky security doors from the last 45 years in stock! We carry out the replacement quickly on site so that you can feel safe again immediately.

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If your personal security is particularly important to you and you have an increased need for protection, an individual property protection concept is just right for you.

Ing. Franz F. Zabransky will assist you independently and discreetly. He advises on topics such as property protection, panic rooms, secret rooms and safes. You can rely on his expertise and discretion.

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Burglars like to take the detour via the balcony door. With an additional locking system, you make it difficult for the perpetrator.

We help you to put a stop to the perpetrator! Our experienced installation professionals take care of the professional installation directly on site.

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Intruders use windows close to the floor to gain access at lightning speed.

We can effectively secure tilted and closed windows with additional security. Our experienced installation professionals take care of the professional installation directly on site.

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Whether you want to control access for domestic help, in vacation homes, small businesses or offices – digital locking systems simplify your life.

We install and set up electronic access control systems that offer you location-independent access control and digital convenience. With our Smartdoor, you can control access securely and conveniently.

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If your floor covering needs to be changed or a new carpet needs to be placed behind the door, we are there for you!

We can easily shorten and readjust your Zabransky security door. Our experienced installation professionals take care of the adjustments professionally and directly on site.


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A door closer can latch your door in certain positions or close it automatically.

We offer you the option of equipping both new and existing doors with a door closer. We are at your disposal to offer you the right solution for more comfort and security.


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Is the installation of a security door out of the question for you?

Give your current door a targeted security upgrade with a security bar. Professional installation is absolutely essential to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Put your trust in our expertise for reliable and effective protection of your door.

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